Description of file

Thank you for your interest in Sormat products and services. All personal data entered on the Sormat website ( will be stored, processed and, if necessary, passed on to trusted Sormat partner companies, solely for the purpose of providing personalised service, product information or special offers and relevant news to the user. Sormat Oy undertakes to ensure that the user’s personal data is kept strictly confidential in accordance with data protection laws.

Description of file in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999), § 10

1. File controller
Sormat Oy
Business ID: 17427932
Harjutie 5, 21290 RUSKO, FINLAND
Tel. +358 20 794 0200

2. Contact information of the controller’s representative
Marketing Manager Erkka Nevala, erkka.nevala(at), tel. +358 20 794 0200

3. Name of the file
Sormat Oy’s stakeholder register

4. Purpose of the file
The data is used for Sormat Oy’s marketing, sales and other similar deliveries requiring an address, unless the data subject has explicitly prohibited the collection and recording of his/her personal data.

5. Data content of the file
First and last name, position in company
Email address, phone number
Native language
Company name
Contact details of the company
Information concerning participation in marketing measures

6. Regular sources of data
Personal data is mainly collected from the data subject him-/herself. Data may be collected and updated by Sormat Oy’s personnel through public and commercial records, by making enquiries through companies’ telephone switchboards etc. and through information found on internet sites.

7. Disclosure of data
The data in the file is not disclosed to third parties, but information such as a person’s name, address or email address may temporarily be made available to Sormat Oy’s subcontractor for the purposes described in Item 4. The third party may not use the data file for its own purposes, and the third party must be aware of the requirements of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

8. Principles of data protection
The data file is protected against use by outside parties. The data file can be accessed only by persons whose tasks require the processing of personal data in the file. Use of the data file is protected by personal user names and passwords.

9. Data subject’s right of access
The data subject has the right to inspect his/her data recorded in the file. The inspection request shall be made in writing and is addressed to the person in charge of data file matters.

10. Rectification of data
The controller shall, on its own initiative or at the request of the data subject, rectify, erase or supplement personal data contained in the data file which is erroneous, incomplete or obsolete as regards the purpose of the processing. The data subject shall contact the person in charge of the file controller’s data file matters to have the data rectified.